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Nuneaton Signs are a social enterprise, originally set up as a Sheltered workshop by our local authority in 1982.

We wouldn’t be here without the support of local people, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to us to support our local community whenever we possibly can.

Take a look at these stories of when we’ve been able to give back, and see what’s really at the heart of it all here at Nuneaton Signs.

George Eliot


The Red Lion

Southam Scout Hut

Fred Winter Centre

Nason Ward – George Eliot Hospital

Due to COVID safety measures, hospitals were advised not to put up christmas trees this year.
At a time of year that’s hard enough to spend in hospital anyway, the lack of christmas cheer was really hitting hard at the Nason Ward.
We provided them with vinyl christmas trees to put up in the ward on the windows and help spead some christmas cheer!

December 2020.


Brownsover Youth Hut

We worked with Orbit on this project in Rugby.
The Youth Hut is a key building in the development of children and Youths in a deprived area.
Orbit asked us if we were able to help them on this project, and we were able to donate new kitchen equiptment to the site, as well as providing them with new signage.
Orbit worked closely with their maintainace partner Fortem on this project, and they completely rennovated the whole building.

The Youth Hut reopened in September 2020.


The Red Lion Pub

We offered preferential rates for the signage for this local business. They have struggled during the pandemic as they had just taken on a new premesis before COVID struck.
Making sure that customers were able to visit safely is the only way that the business has been able to reopen.

The pub reopened in April 2021.



Southam Scout Hut

We worked with Orbit and Fortem on this project in Southam.
The Scout Hut had gone into a state of disrepair over many years, and the local community nominated this building to be renovated.
Orbit asked us if we were able to help them on this project, and we were able to donate and install all new signage and internal decorations.
The building was completely stripped back to the core, and all new fixings, flooring, bathrooms and kitchen was donated.

The Scout Hut reopened in September 2021.



Fred Winter Centre

We supported the opening of the Fred Winter Centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon with their external sign and internal wayfinding.
The FWC is a newly rennovated building, that is providing in-house services for people who are experiencing homlessness and vulnerable people.
These services include housing associations, charities, a foodbank and temporary housing for those experiencing immediate homelessness.
The building is offering all of these support services under one roof. It was an honour to be able to help.



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