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Here at Nuneaton Signs, we pride ourselves in being a forward-thinking company with a passion for Social Change. In the past 12 months we have seen more than ever, the need to make changes towards a more sustainable future. Many signage companies have launched PVC free signage, however this often still ends up in landfill as the materials are not easy to dispose of responsibly. That is why Nuneaton Signs have put in months of extensive research to ensure that our new product range is the first of its kind in the signage industry. A 100% PVC and fully recyclable range of signage.

It was very important to us that our end users would be able to easily dispose of their signage in an environmentally friendly way, and that is why we have sourced materials that are all able to be recycled in your general site recycling.

Nuneaton Signs are pledging to a greener and healthier future this financial year, and we hope that you join us in this journey.

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