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Employees with a Disability
Supported Interns
Social & Local Economic Value 2022/2023

Wishing all of our team, customers and suppliers a #sunny and #restful bank holiday weekend! ☀️
See you all on Tuesday for another fantastic week of creating #SocialImpact and #SocialValue together through the manufacture and sale of signs! 🤩

Today is #NationalSupportedInternshipDay ! We're so proud of all 13 students who have turned their lives around during their internship at Nuneaton Signs and have gained incredible #workskills that they should all be so proud of 🤩

Today is #WorldDownSyndromeDay and to celebrate we wanted to share with you this inspiring video that showcases the difference you can make in your community when you embrace #diversity and #inclusion in the workplace 💙

#WDSD2024 #AssumeICan

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