TEKCEL EXR3000 Router

As part of growth strategy, we continually invest in advanced technology which includes but is not limited to the TEKCEL EXR3000 router system, which is designed to handle the most demanding applications from a diverse range of industries.

As a flagship model in the TEKCEL range the EXR delivers power, precision and performance. With the ability to cut with a machine finished edge, the system allows us to transfer complicated shaped signs straight from design to the router knowing that the end product perfectly matches the client’s requirement.

With a cutting speed up to 600mm per second (24m/min) over an active cutting area of 2050mm x 3100mm and maximum material thickness of 135mm, the TEXCEL EXR3000 router system is perfect for cutting machinable materials such as aluminium composite material (ACM), MDF, plywood, hard and soft woods, industrial plastics as well as polypropylene cast and extruded acrylics which gives a competitive advantage in the production of industrial and commercial signage, and allows us to meet the needs and offer real value to customers.


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