Nuneaton Signs Ltd RAMP UP THE RED

Wherever we can, alongside making great signage, Nuneaton Signs Ltd tries to support worthwhile causes, and recently we had the opportunity to support the British Heart Foundation, in their quest for funding. This cause is personal to the company, one of its former Executive Directors, Ray Munday, benefited from the support and encouragement provided by the BHF in his recovery process after quadruple heart bi-pass surgery. Ray suffered a massive heart attack while on a long haul flight from Australia to Hong Kong, which subsequently resulted in a 13 hour operation to repair the damage.
Ray commented, there were some dark times during the recovery process, but the shining light on the horizon every week were the Physio sessions, run by the BHF at their centre in Coventry. It was hard work in the beginning, but there were also a great deal of fun involved which made it enjoyable. They were always there for me, it was difficult to come to terms with what had happened to me, but with the BHF’s , help and their determination to get me well. I won my battle.
The BHF need continual support to provide the service that proved so valuable to me, the company’s support of the “Ramp up the Red” campaign, was, I am sure, very well received.


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